Sciatica Treatment: When you should get help for your pain

The irritation of the sciatic nerve can result in leg pain or sciatic pain. This pain is characterized by a shooting pin which goes all the way from the lumbar area to the leg. The pain can be mild or severe al depending upon the condition and the advancement of the compression on the nerve.

It should be kept in mind that the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body. So anywhere the disc protrusion compresses the sciatic nerve, it can send sensations of shooting pain in the affected region. Sciatica is not just limited to the leg but can be felt in any part of the lower body.

There is research which proves that at least 40% of people experience sciatic pain at some point in their lives. The following are some basic facts on sciatica:

  • The most common cause of sciatica can be attributed to a protruding disc or a bulging disc. It’s a condition in which the cervical matter from the disc protrudes outwards and compresses a nearby nerve.
  • Behavioral therapy has help thousands of people achieve relief from sciatica pain
  • Sciatica is never considered a condition. In fact it is more of a symptom of some other underlying cause.


The following are a few symptoms associated with sciatica. These include:

  • A persistent shooting pain from the lower back , the buttocks and in either of the legs
  • A tingling or a feeling of numbness in the legs
  • Pins or needles feeling in the back or the lumbar region

A person might be experiencing one or all of these symptoms. However, sometimes people who suffer from bulging disc don’t even have any symptoms. It only happens when the disease has progressed too far. So if at any point you find yourself feeling sciatic pain, you must try to follow a simple program at home. Tis program would include exercises which are gentle. Chiropractic treatment and over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. The treatment should be continued for at least three to four weeks. If symptoms seem to progress or if you find yourself unable to walk, its best to see a doctor and let them suggest a mode of treatment which they deem correct.

Sciatica Treatment

When all the above treatment fail, doctors can suggest a variety of treatments which would include the following:

  • Treatment with special medicines. When over the counter treatments fail, doctors might suggest a more rigorous medication.
  • Steroid injections at the site of pain. This has helped many people find relief from sciatica
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is also an option for some people and one which actually works. It helps people learn to manage their pain and react to it differently
  • Surgery is usually the last option. When symptoms do not respond to any of the above treatment method, doctors might consider surgery.

There are different surgery option and your doctor would suggest one which is well suited for your present condition.

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