Fix Your Pearly Whites With Emergency Dentistry

Sometimes, life happens! Maybe you spent the night with a cute date at a fair, bit down too hard on a caramel apple and chipped a tooth. Or, maybe you noticed some rogue pain developing where there previously was none. Perhaps you had a little too much fun in the mosh pit of a concert and had one knocked out! Regardless of how hardcore the lifestyle you lead is, sometimes emergency dentistry is required to get you smiling again. A dental emergency is categorised as one that often involves pain that needs immediate treatment. However, other emergencies include various infections.


In Australia, a cavity filling costs approximately $138 AUS. Each dentist charges a different price, so patients can have a variety of different options that can suit their needs best. The most common type of emergency dental service is cavity filling. Sometimes, people don’t realise they have a cavity until they begin to feel pain.

Root Canals

When general fillings can’t fix a cavity, the next-most-common  type of emergency dental service is a root canal. These are seen as almost “advanced-fillings.” Meaning, a cavity that requires a crown to be placed on top of the standard composite filling. There are many different variations of dental crowns, but the most affordable option will cost approximately $2,000 AUS.


Conditions such as cellulitis can also be considered for emergency dental procedures. Cellulitis is a bacterial infection. Symptoms can include abscesses and swelling. Treatment for cellulitis includes drainage and occasional root canal treatment. The cost for this is determined based on which full treatments are required. Cellulitis and other conditions that cause swelling can be eligible for emergency surgery.


Dental trauma is generally defined as an injury pertaining to the teeth or mouth. This is typically why people seek out emergency dental services. However, emergency orthodontic services are available as well to those who need it.


Most of Australia’s leading insurance companies cover emergency dental and orthodontic care. Some see drastic cuts in cost, up to 70% off the initial price. This can severely impact a patient looking for expensive services such as root canals with crowns on them. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) regulates pricing across the country for dental services. Many new residents find this to be their source of confusion when picking a dentist. This is impacted not only by insurance, but the time it takes to perform a procedure on a specific patient, as well as techniques an individual doctor may use. Private insurances offer rebates and differing networks, so that is also something to consider when choosing a plan for you and your family. Patients often find that these factors can make or break a trip to the dentist.

Dental health is extremely important. Oral conditions can affect heart health and many other sectors of the human body. Sometimes, it’s necessary to rush to the dentist to get an issue fixed immediately. Whether that’s a cavity or something more severe, there are options for almost everyone in Australia. It’s important to assess the situation thoroughly and make a decision to positively impact your health. Making sure your insurance is updated can give you peace of mind when these unfavourable circumstances do appear. Don’t fear the dentist! Make sure you have the contact number of emergency dentist – Master Dental Hervey Bay on your phone.

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