Expected things to happen on a first visit to a chiropractic clinic

You might be wondering what to expect when it’s your first time to visit a chiropractic clinic.

Visiting a chiropractic clinic is an unknown occurrence and wondering about what is going to happen is perfectly natural.

It’s understandable and normal not to know what to expect during your first visit to a chiropractic clinic. The constantly evolving practice of chiropractors has made them popular lately when it comes to pain relief.

Your first visit to a chiropractic clinic will likely include:

Complete a questionnaire

Completing a questionnaire is the first important step at the start of your appointment. This is to help the chiropractor assess the information of your present health condition and medical history concerning to any acute or chronic problems you are currently experiencing.

The chiropractor will also be asking questions about your job, any physical activities you are involved in, and the reason for the visit.

The information you give will help the chiropractor determine the exact nature of your injury and pain. It is during this period that communicating anything about your health goals, pain, and medical history should be frankly discussed with the chiropractor.

Physical Examination

A physical examination will be performed by the chiropractor after the completion of the questionnaire. Blood pressure, muscle strength, pulse, reflexes, and range of motion of the patient will all be tested by the chiropractor.

Doing all these is meant to address the main complaint of the patient before shifting the focus on the spine. The next focus of the chiropractor will be on specific areas related to the pain complaint.

Expect x-ray testing to be performed as well. This is to help the chiropractor understand your bone anatomy’s integrity and structure. The extent of damage in your spine will be shown during the x-ray examination.

Treatment Plan

Every patient’s need and issue are seen as unique by the chiropractor. This means that the treatment plan is based on the unique needs of every patient. The chiropractor will only be able to come up with a tailor-made treatment plan upon completing the physical examination.

The amount of visits varies depending on the patient’s condition. Some patients recover quickly after the first visit while additional visits are recommended for others.

The First Adjustment

It is recommended that the first adjustment to the issue is addressed on the same day as the first appointment. Chiropractors often do not see the reasons to postpone the first adjustment.

A comfortable and padded chiropractic table to lie on will commence the first adjustment. Depending on the condition, the chiropractor will advise whether the adjustment will be done with the patient sitting upright, lay on their back, face down on the table or laying on the side.

The chiropractor will explain the procedure they will be doing as you undergo the adjustment process. This is to make the patient understand the whole process. The patient will then be asked to walk around the room after the adjustment. This is to determine if the pain has been relieved.

A patient is encouraged to express any concern they have with the chiropractor after the first adjustment.

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